Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY Thrift Store Jewelry Display

So as you can see from the above photo (clump of jewelry thrown into a gifted but boring, sorry!, jewelry box), I was definitely in need of a new jewelry holder and I looked for ideas on online about making a DIY jewelry holder out of upcycled thrift store materials. Though there were a wealth of amazing and original ideas for DIY jewelry displays (just google DIY jewelry displays) and I decided to just wing it and see what I could up with from a quick thrift store trip.

I found this. I wish I had an original photo before I spray painted, but this thing (I'm still not sure what it was) was painted white and had pink wooden heart attached to the ends. I thought it would be great to hang necklaces from so I took it home and spay painted it with some left over green spray paint. Super easy and super useful.

Yay! Easy to get to, non tangled necklaces!!!

While I was at the thrift store, I also found this little mini cabinet display that I also spray painted with the same green spray paint. The screen is perfect to hang earrings on and it opens up to little cubbies where I now stash my rings. Mission accomplished.

Other really great thrift store DIY jewelry displays:
-Old window screen to hang earrings (can be painted or left rustic if you find an old wood or metal screen)
-Wooden shutters are a great display for earring also. I find that these are abundant at thrift stores for some reason. They can be painted for left as is.
-Large frames can be a great display for necklaces. Just take the glass out and cover the inside with a great fabric or lace find, stick in thumbtacks and hang your necklaces on them.

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